Hosted VoIP uses the Internet to centralize all your voice services on a secure network.

Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an excellent alternative to a traditional phone system for the communication needs of many businesses. Hilltop Consultants has experience customizing both on-premises VoIP systems and hosted, or cloud-based systems, for companies of all sizes, and making systems scalable so they can grow with your company. Interactive voicemail, call queue details, real-time status information, as well as other features are all intuitively integrated in Hilltop Consultants Hosted VoIP systems. Save your firm money and make your staff more productive by replacing your traditional phone provider.


Hilltop Consultants Hosted VoIP Services

  • Fast, high-quality voice, video, and data communications via a high-speed Internet connection
  • Unlimited local and long-distance service in the contiguous 48 states
  • Reasonably priced VoIP compatible hardware
  • Hosted, cloud-based phone system with convenient features such as unified messaging, PC- and phone-based directories, fixed mobile convergence, and more.
  • Installation and maintenance provided by Hilltop Consultants professionals

Benefits of Hilltop Consultants Hosted VoIP Services

  • Off-site VoIP Services mean communications services keep working regardless of what happens at your workplace
  • Easy transition from your current system—Hilltop Consultants takes care of everything
  • Significant savings vs. traditional phone providers
  • Improved productivity and ease of use
  • Flexibility moving forward to adapt to changing business needs and technological developments.