Cloud Computing enables the on-demand delivery of IT resources like software, infrastructure, and applications remotely

Cloud services offer many advantages over traditional IT configurations. The Cloud enables software, infrastructure, and applications to be hosted, delivered, and accessed on the Internet rather than on a local server or personal computer.  Cloud computing is dynamic, agile, and offers a better platform for business innovation. Cloud services such as email hosting, operating systems, and virtual desktops and servers from Hilltop Consultants can give your business a significant competitive advantage. The Cloud allows convenient network access to a shared group of configurable IT and computing resources. Cloud data can be quickly provisioned, scaled and released without the need for significant management involvement or constant interaction with a service provider.


Hilltop Consultants Cloud Services

  • Hosted Exchange Services:  email, calendar, tasks, address books, and more
  • Law Firm as a Service (LFaaS): Virtual Data Center, Virtual Servers and Virtual Desktops
  • Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based subscription suite of Microsoft Office services and software applications
  • Email content filtering, archive and journaling services
  • Software as a Service offering many functions and platforms
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Hosted VOIP PBX Phone Systems

Benefits of Hilltop Consultants Cloud Services

  • Ease of collaboration
  • Simplified upgrades over time
  • Cost certainty with standardized monthly subscriptions
  • Convenience for an increasingly mobile workforce
  • Proven security, business continuity and disaster recovery tools